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The year was 2008. I asked myself the question: Do I really know what God is telling me through His Bible? If He thought it was so important to tell me, why am I not taking the time to really learn His message?

I was born in a Christian family, knowing most Bible characters and stories. I grew up reading the Bible. But recently I came to the conclusion that reading the Bible and STUDYING the Bible are two very different things. When we study the Bible, we can see the thread that connects all the books in it. We can see that the Bible is saying the same message from cover to cover. When we simply read it, we only see stories.

When I was reading the stories in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament, the message seemed very straightforward. But when I got to Revelation, things changed. I could not understand very much. The idea I had was that Revelation was a very frightening book. Perhaps most of us grow up with this idea. But I was determined to learn the important message God was sending through that book.

I can tell you this: studying the book of Revelation has changed my life and my understanding of salvation. I now see a book with a message of hope, strengthening, protection, and victory. It is a message about how God will deliver His people, and NEVER abandon them. I would like to share my verse by verse study of the book of Revelation with you. My plan is to post small sections of the bible texts and then what I have learned about each verse. My hope is that this study can bring all of us closer to God.

From the book of Genesis, we know there is a battle for the human mind: who are we going to serve? There are only two sides: with God, and without God. We know how this story began, and we already know how the story of this world ends. So the book of revelation is not a book intended to generate speculation, to point fingers, or to cause fear on those who side with Christ. This book is the Revelation of our Savior. And I believe God wants to reassure His people that no matter how difficult things may get in the middle of this battle for the human mind, He will ALWAYS be with us.

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